The program is sponsored by Miami-Dade County and yes, it is completely free.
The program is delivered within six weeks. Classes are held in person every Thursday from 6:00 PM to 7.30 PM; and virtually every Tuesday from 9:00 AM to 10: 00 AM or from 6:00 PM to 7: 00 PM. (The candidate can choose the morning or evening session on Tuesday).
To be eligible for this program, your business address must be in Miami-Dade County.

To be part of this program, your business must be registered on Sunbiz.

This program provides top-notch training in finance, leadership, marketing, operations, and human resources. The classes are taught in person every Thursday in a group setting. The size of the group cannot go over 30 people.

This program provides group coaching via zoom to discuss further the notions covered in person.

One-on-one coaching is also offered to guide you in a personalized manner and tackle the specific challenges confronted.

The Growthwheel toolbox is made available to each business owner to assess their progress in the main components of their business.

Guest Speakers are invited to enhance the program as well as the networking opportunities.

This session aims to focus on helping small business owners to take practical steps to increase their revenues, integrate new technologies, and increase their market share.


It is a toolbox for decision-making and action planning for startup and growth companies.

It helps entrepreneurs build their businesses through a simple action-oriented process that stays true to the way most entrepreneurs think and work.

The coaches will use the Growthwheel to advise and track the progress of each entrepreneur.

The next cohort is starting January 26th and ending March 2nd.

Dates for the next cohorts will soon be available.

While it is not per se a competitive process, because the spots are limited, the candidates will go through a vetting process.

The vetting committee will look for candidates that are in the best position to grow.

The vetting committee will consider the following:

Number of years of operations
Annual Revenue
Number of Employees
Existence of a growth plan outline

This program will not deliver funding to the participants but will provide privileged information to access grants and loans for small businesses.

Funding may be available through a business pitch competition.

To participate in this program, the candidate must be available and commit to participating actively in all in-person and virtual activities. More than 2 absences will result in removing the participant from the program.
At the end of this program, a graduation ceremony will be held, and a certificate will be delivered to each participant.


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