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Scaleup 305 supports small businesses by offering them resources such as specialized training, one-on-one coaching with experts, and access to valuable information that can get their business to the next level.
Scaleup 305 also provides small business owners with an affordable and convivial workspace that fosters their productivity and creativity.

The Incubator

We invite you to apply to a First-of-its-Kind community business incubator: Scale Up 305.

Learn techniques to scale your business to its full potential.

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Learn and Grow

What We Offer

Scale Up 305 is offering a free six-week curriculum program designed to help business owners take their businesses to the next level. The training is delivered by two teams of experts coaching through a combination of in-person classes, virtual group sessions, and one-one mentoring sessions. The main topics covered are Leadership, Operations, Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources.

What our students have to say:

As a participant in Scale-up 305 cohort 2, I gained a lot of knowledge on how to manage and grow up my business. I also got the knowledge to share with other black women. The benefit will be extended to my community.

M. Laratte, Rebel Boutik LLC

The coaches are very knowledgeable and experienced in their field and they really want us to succeed.

S. Foucauld, QR Code Attractions LLC

The program helped me see where I was not. Especially in my finances. The coaches helped me take into consideration my value when considering the cost of my services. Even if my business is 7 years old, I still had an employee hat on instead of an employer one. So, the discipline I had for someone else business I did not have for my own business. The coaches helped me take ownership of my finances. They helped me understand better what the costs of my real services were.

S. Dessources, Lavish Touches Hair & Spa

Participating in Scale Up 305 was an eye-opener. It helps me understand my business numbers and especially how to set up an HR system and an operational system to minimize headaches in my business. I would recommend it to someone starting his own business or who is already in business.

J. Deller, Fashion for Christ LLC

The Scale Up 305 Incubator program has helped me tremendously. One of the many amazing things I was able to walk away with from this program is that now my business is more automated. Thanks to the amazing coaching and information that I received, my business is more efficient and productive in serving my clients. Also, my goals are much clear and my steps to accomplishing them are much more precise. I learned so much from the group sessions and the one-on-one coaching with the various business experts. It was also great to connect and build a network with the other participants. This is a top-notch program for any small business to take part in.

E. Dieuville, Baton Youth Services LLC

As a member of Scale Up in cohort 1, the experiences I’ve encountered as a new business have heightened my expectations and perspectives for my business. The support of staff, the one-on-one coaching, and the outside resources available to businesses are amazing and a testimony to building stronger and resilient business practices. I’m very happy I decided to sign up and be selected to help Scale Up my business platform. Most importantly building relationships and connecting with other businesses to support each other.

S. Thomas, PG and Company Solutions

I started my business in April 2021 and needed more guidance and capital to solidify business. I learned how to utilize the growth wheel and how important an organization can be to your business.

By attending the Incubator, I now have a community of qualified experts on my side as I establish my business.  I felt heard and supported when faced with real decisions as a business owner including ways to simplify the operations department.

Lastly, I must highlight the genius and Mastermind of Orlando who extracted the energy and skills some of us didn’t know we possessed.

E. Collot. Organic Transition LLC

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